"Our mission is to create socially provocative content that inspires and informs through uninhibited theatre; if you can't change their minds, change their culture."

It all started when...

in 2014, when then Actor/Musical Director Daniel Sugimoto met Tech designer Julia Lisa, and they began discussing all things theatre. For years they worked (still do) for Creating Arts Studios, a highly reputable entertainment company based in Santa Monica.  Sugimoto is part owner and Musical Director for the company and Julia is a company member with priority tech positions.  After success with joint producing between companies, Sugimoto and Lisa decided to venture off into the theatre world on their own. With the help of some amazingly talented friends, and some essential pieces provided by CAC, they decided to launch a series of shows over the summer of 2016.  The first show they ventured forward with was a 1940's crime drama, Broadway Noir, which premiered at The Hollywood Fringe and won an Encore Producer award for it's efforts.  

"Broadway Noir Poster' - Artwork: Todd Skinner. 

"Broadway Noir Poster' - Artwork: Todd Skinner. 

The response was well lit and proved to the group that starting a theatre from the ground up might be possible.  The next show they worked was Letters To Eve, a show Sugimoto had taken 7 years to write.  Letters To Eve is a musical set during WWII and mostly within the Japanese Internment Camps. Sugimoto's Grandmother is a survivor of the camps and it was and always will be dedicated to the survivors of the camps, the 442nd Infantry Regiment, and the millions affected by the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Actual photo of Manzanar camp facility.  Midori Sugimoto - Top Center, black coat.

Actual photo of Manzanar camp facility.  Midori Sugimoto - Top Center, black coat.

Post show drinks with The Zoo Theatre Co.

Post show drinks with The Zoo Theatre Co.

Post show drinks with amazing people...

Post show drinks with amazing people...

Drinks with the Letters To Eve Cast...we drink a lot...

Drinks with the Letters To Eve Cast...we drink a lot...

Having done multiple productions with Daniel and Julia, Max Lichtig and Cassandra White decided to jump on board!  Cassandra was an actress in multiple shows at CAC, and musical director for some as well. Max was an actor in CAC and previous Sugimation productions. Being blessed with a wide variety of actors, lighting designers, sound mixers, etc, The Zoo Theatre Company hopes to become a staple in the theatre scene, and continue to take you out of your reality for a while!

Special thank you to:

Zachary Johnson Dunlop for most lighting and tech needs.

Austin Schumacher for posters, artwork, and sound engineering.

The Three Clubs for nurturing art.

CAC Studios for resources and knowledge.

The Miles Memorial Playhouse for an amazing venue.

Every actor who has or ever will play a role in this company, we thank you, love you, and we are stronger having worked with you -- You know who you are (:


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Daniel Sugimoto is an award winning composer/musical director.  Collecting most of his credits as a part owner and the musical director for CAC Studios. He has been acting and writing professionally for five years, writing Project Mayhem, Broadway Noir, Letters To Eve, and White People Drinking: A Controversial Comedy. For reviews of writing, please visit SHOW HISTORY page!

Next show: We The People: A Musical Revolution -- Writer/Music Director

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Julia Lisa has been an unintended Artivist promoting peace, health, and environmental issues. She believes theatre holds incredible power of change.  Unable to stay away from theatre, she got her BA at University of Massachusetts Amherst,  she has worked in Theatre marketing and management for many years and prides herself as a teaching artist who wants to share her love of theatre with the next generations.  Her credits include: Choreography for CAC Studios - Thenardier's Inn, ChicabaRENT, and Project Mayhem;  Directoring for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Broadway Noir, and Letters To Eve.

Next show: Letters To Eve - Directing

CASSANDRA WHITE - Co-Managing director

Cassandra studied music in college, also working with musical direction.  She has been performing professionally for two years. She was instrumental in helping previous Sugimation productions launch and originated the role of Eden in Letters To Eve. 

Next show: We The People: A Musical Revolution - Rebecca