Welcome to the Upcycler Initiative fellow Super and thank you for taking the next step towards saving the planet! We really need your help and if you read below you can see some cool ways to build up Upcycle Points that can be transferred into Tickets to a show, Upcycle Badges, Costumes, Capes, and much more!.


There are so many fantastic ways to help save the planet and these are only a few.  If you think of cool ways feel free to share with us or your friends.  Now you might be thinking how many points do I get for ways I contribute and how can I turn them into cool things, well below is a nice list of the point system and how to utilize your good deeds!


1. Every ten pieces of plastic picked up from the ground, beach, home, etc. = 20 Pts..

  • If you take these pieces to a recycling bin or craft a use these ten pieces for cool upcycled piece = 50 Pts. 

2. Bring reusable bags to grocery shop = 40 Pts.

3. Bring reusable cup to get coffee, juice, out to dinner. = 30 Pts. (MAKE SURE YOU CLEAN IT)

4. Reuse old shirts and make a bag, a cape, or come up with your own cool invention. = 50 Pts.

5. Turn any old item you have or find into something new and cool! = 100 Pts. 

6. Volunteer for a beach clean up, park clean up, city clean up. = 200 Pts.

7. Join The Upcyclers on one of their Cleaning events! = 200 Pts. 

8. Follow us on Instagram for updates and cool tips! = 100 Pts.

9. Write to local establishment asking them to reduce their plastic use. = 200 Pts.

10. Email us at Theupcyclers@gmail.com each time you collect a certain amount of points and ask for what you would like. 


1. ONE FREE TICKET TO The Upcylers: The Musical! = 300 Pos. (General Admission)

2. FIVE FREE TICKETS To The Upcyclers: The Musical! = 1,000 points! (General Admission)

3. ONE FREE VIP TICKET TO The Upcyclers: The Musical = 600 Points

4. FIVE FREE VIP TICKETS TO the Upcyclers: The Musical = 2,000 Pts.

5. The Upcycler Cape! = 600 Pts.

6. The Upcycler Mask! = 600 Pts.

7. An Upcycler Team Badge = 600 Pts.

8. Custom Made Upcycler Costume = 2,000 Pts.

9. Custom Made Upcycler Mermaid Costume = 6,000 Pts.

10. Become Hero for a day. You get a full costume, picture with Upcyclers, and tags on all social media platforms to show what an amazing hero you are! = 10,000 Pts.

Now, there will be many more prizes but these are what we can offer now.  In order to claim prize please either have your parent or guardian or if you are allowed to email, then compile all of your points and take pictures of yourself helping and doing all these wonderful deeds. Since these prizes are redeemable for amazing prizes, we would love to see you in action!

*Some ticket prizes subject to run out.

*Custom costumes and mermaid costumes may take 3-4 weeks to complete. 

*Must be comfortable with internet and be able to prove not a bot.