the Upcyclers


A new original musical for the whole family!


With innovative sustainable practices, a group of super kids team up to try and save the local restaurant from being bought out by Vespertine Industries, a company making a profit by exploiting the planet's resources. Learning to upcycle and recycle in fun cool ways, the Upcyclers invent, remake, salvage, and prove no task is too small to make a BIG difference!

While The Zoo Theatre Co. has produced original plays and musicals geared towards teens and adults, the creators, Daniel Sugimoto and Julia Lisa have an extensive background of children’s theatre for the whole family!  With over 6 years (and counting) experience writing, performing, and teaching children’s theatre around Los Angeles for companies such as Creating Arts Company, Theatricum Botanicum, Fairies and Dragons, they felt inclined to bring a positive message back to children theatre.  Their new original musical Upcyclers empowers kids to challenge the norms to create a greener life. Come play, sing, dance, and create the world YOU want to live in with The Upcyclers!

The Upcyclers Workshop at The Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute

The Upcyclers is a new original musical for the whole family! A group of young friends band together for a super mission to make their resources go far to save their family's restaurant. The Upcyclers are inspirational young people who realize their true potential to harness the power of the planet to unlock super-skills transforming their lives, their community and the world. These green heroes are coming to the Gardena Valley JCI to lead a musical workshop to tell their story and make an exciting craft everyone can take home! 

Bring an old t-shirt to create your very own Upcycled reusable tote bag! Tshirt will be available to purchase at the event while supplies last. Great for all ages! 

Tickets: - Gardena Valley Japanese ________ Cultural Institue.

$10 for admission 

$15 for admission + tshirt ——— If you’d like to purchase through The Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute.

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The Zoo Theatre Company has always championed sustainable living and producing. All of its shows used recycled materials for props, sets, equipment, and costumes.  Its focus with the UPCYCLERS INITIATIVE is to educate and inspire younger generations to explore the world of creation by discovering cool new ways to reutilize and repurpose what some call 'hammy downs' or 'trash'. Upcycling has been proven to generate financial savings as well as reduce one's ecological impression. 


For great ideas daily on how best to Upcycle all materials you can visit our Pinterest page or Instagram account.

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Check in at 11:45 to claim your Upcyclers Points.
🚩 Look for the Upcyclers flag 🚩 and a group of Fantastic Friends to rescue litter to make new cool things with!