Show Poster - Artwork: Austin Schumacher

Show Poster - Artwork: Austin Schumacher

America's Finest - Act Two

America's Finest - Act Two

Letters To Eve

Letters To Eve is a classic story of love, friendship, family, and honor.  This epic WWII musical follows a Japanese American family and their plight through forced incarceration, a black jazz musician captured during Germany's occupation of France, and the powerful spirit of music and literature. This breathtaking new work will uncover the lost letters of history and paint a pure picture of a fascinating era.  Discover the power as these characters decide to stand up for what's right, and create a legacy for the ages!

It made it's world premiere at the historical Miles Memorial Playhouse in November 2016.  It will return, May/June of 2017.  For more information, please visit, 


Broadway World Review

Broadway World Review #2


Winner of the 2017 JACL (Japanese American Citizens League) 'Community Organizer Award'

"Meaningful Contribution to American Culture" - Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Book, music, and lyrics by: Daniel Sugimoto    Directed by: Julia Lisa    Lighting Design: Zachary Johnson Dunlop and Austin Schumacher


Broadway Noir: A dollar worth dying for

New York's finest against Broadway's babies!

Peel back the curtains and go behind the scenes into the shady inner workings of the theatre business.  Follow two of New York's finest detectives as they investigate the disappearance of Broadway's brightest new star. 

Broadway Noir made it's theatrical debut at Hollywood Fringe, the summer of 2016.  


Broadway World Review

Tin Pan L.A. Review



Book, music, and lyrics by: Dan Sugimoto.        Directed by: Julia Lisa.          Lighting design: Zachary Johnson-Dunlop



The Anxieties and Fallacies of the American Dream.

"If you think it's about you -- you're probably right"

Ever had something to say, but didn't because you wanted to be polite and PC? Then did you mull about what you could have said for the rest of the night? White People Drinking is those conversations. It serves all the topical taboo scenarios we fear on a silver platter of wit and whimsy. Rooted in a modern political satire, WPD highlights the dangers of complacency and contentment by poking fun at the plethora of cookie cutter modern dramas that usually consist of families drinking and yelling at each other. This one of a kind comedy sits you down at a dinner party full of secrets, opinions, and unfiltered drunk words.  This philosophical, full tilt, facade filled commentary leaves no stone unturned, pulls no punches, and promises to offend in every fantastic way. 

Directed by: Cassandra White and Max Lichtig.     Written by: Daniel Sugimoto.      Tech/Sound design:  Daniel Sugimoto

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