White People Drinking – A Controversial Comedy


Ever had something to say, but keep it to yourself because you had to be polite and PC?   White People Drinking is those conversations. It serves up all the topical taboo scenarios we fear on a silver platter of wit and whimsy. Rooted in a modern political satire, WPD highlights the dangers of complacency and contentment by poking fun at the plethora of cookie cutter modern dramas that usually consist of families drinking and yelling at each other. This one-of-a-kind comedy sits you down at a dinner party full of secrets, opinions, and unfiltered drunk words.  This philosophical, full tilt, facade filled commentary leaves no stone unturned, pulls no punches, and promises to offend in every fantastic way.

Writer, Daniel Sugimoto has always tried to push past our standard social interactions, which are based on the rules of politeness, in order to have real human interactions instead.  With the philosophies of Neitzche, Plato, Thoreau, and Dickens, Sugimoto builds a world where these societal constructs get striped away and what remains is all too human...  If avoiding conflict in social situations got us into this societal mess, than battling it out is the answer.  Join this party at Three Clubs, 1123 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90038.  Performances run February 25th through March 26th: Saturdays at 8PM and Sundays at 6PM.


White People Drinking is Sugimoto’s 4th show produced in a year.  His last musical, Letters To Eve about Japanese Americans during WWII had its world premiere in November 2016 with an incredible reception by audiences and critics.  “Not only is he a triple threat onstage as well as a brilliant musical director, his skill with composing musical numbers that movingly tell a story imbues each of his characters with deep-felt heart and soul through his incredible imagination and understanding of human nature.”  - Broadway World

Tickets and more information at:   TheZooTheatreCo.com