Upcoming Auditions for The Zoo Theatre Co.


When: April 4th and April 6th. 2-10PM. Three Clubs White Rehearsal Rm.

Character Breakdowns:

DIANE, your cookie cutter millennial, intelligent, quirky, non-confrontational, sexually confused. Wants to help save the world but doesn't quite know the best way to go about it, so settles for comfort. (Alto-Mezzo)

REBECCA, a rebellious tattoo artist ready for battle.  A Han Solo type no-nonsense hispanic American fighting for a place in America and for the safety of her family. (Alto-Soprano)

COLE, a brilliant musician dedicated to going on tour and starting a band.  The Ryan Gosling from La La Land meets Ryan Reynolds from DeadPool.  Over-confident but to no ones disapproval. (Strong Tenor)

ELIZABETH, a law student trying to fast track her way into the system. A strong head on her shoulders, almost too strong, sees the world for what it really is. (Alto)

KAMALA,  the oldest soul of the group.  Has a monopoly on three weed dispensaries around town.  Wants to go national. Muslim American caught in the middle of ban after ban and having family overseas. (Alto- Soprano- Belt)

BRUCE, a locally famous Black Lives Matter protest organizer.  A social media face who uses platform to push agenda. Joins forces with group to help save the world. (Strong Tenor)

JASON, a semi-conservative playboy.  Ignorant to it all, wants everything to go as it should.  No stress. (Baritone)

MAX, the guy who calls for the end of the world, knows its going to happen. Needs therapy to calm down, can help out when nerves are less. (Bass- Baritone)

Please prepare two contrasting musical theatre songs.  Preferably from Rent or Hamilton.  Rapping and belting preferred. 

Email: TheZooTheatreCo@gmail.com for audition time slots!